It is absolutely the case that the Boston-born entrepreneur Samuel Oshana has successfully navigated throughmany business areas. He has been very good at leading corporate investments, as well as starting up new companies and nurturing companies to significant success. Of course, Sam is also a Boston sports fan.

Like most Boston sports fans, Samuel Oshana can be said to be long-suffering, in a way. For example, the Boston Red Sox were a founding team in the American League of Major League Baseball and they won the first-ever World Series between the National and American Leagues in 1903. In the early days of the 20th Century, the Red Sox were one of the most successful teams in professional baseball. However, they stopped winning World Series Championships after 1918. The team sold baseball icon Babe Ruth (nicknamed the “Bambino”), one of the greatest players of all time, to their hated rival, the New York Yankees.

It is also important to note that, whereas Samuel Oshana loves his job and career and though he has spent most of his adult life in Florida, he still finds himself enthralled by the sports teams located in his Boston hometown, especially the city’s now-growing reputation as a city of sporting champions. While they Red Sox spent nearly a century under the “Curse of the Bambino and won nothing, since the dawn of the 21st Century, everything has changed. And then, there are the NFL’s New England Patriots, who have been winning won a large number of Super Bowl championships for a couple of decades, at least.